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Private Guided Tours by Max Keyen
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Landscape Photography

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey
Culture & Portrait Photography

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey
Landscape Photography

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey
Adventure Experience

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey
Adventure Experience

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey
Wildlife Photography

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey
Macro Photography

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey
Wildlife Photography

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey
Wildlife Photography

Photo Tours & Guided Expedition Journey

Private guided Tours
dedicated to
Individual &  Small groups
trough exclusive sought-after locations

Wonderful Photography Destinations
with Exclusive locations off the Beaten Tracks
Our tours are planned for photo-lovers and photographers but also for travel lovers. Welcome to all of who love  reaching and catching the essence of remote places to  enjoy the nature at its purest.
We will face these photography tours reaching to the best photography locations in the world. Our journeys are dedicate to landscape photography, portrait photography, wildlife photography and macro photography enjoying the charm of each destination.

Safaris, Photo Tours & Journeys

30 April 2022  14 days
Atlas & West Sahara
Mountain Crossing and Deserts
Landscape Photography

09 July 2022  7 days

Wildebeests migration Serengeti
Mara River crossing & big cats
Wildlife Photography

16 July 2022 14 days

Natron, Central & North Serengeti
Migration & big cats
Wildlife Photography
    11 days
23 July 2022
06 August 2022

Wild Botswana
Central Botswana and Exclusive locations
Wildlife Photography

30 July 2022   11 days

Central & North Serengeti
Migration & big cats
Wildlife Photography

28 May 2021

The Land of contrasts
North & Central circuit
Wildlife, Culture, Landscape

03 September 2022  9 days

The charmic Arab soul
Mountains, desert crossing,  ocean
Landscape, Culture , Portrait Photography

Customized Photo Tours
Your Journey with our Experience
Worldwide Destinations

Choose your favorite photographic destination and  your best  period.
We will lead you to the most exclusive and remote photographic places around the world.

journey starts with 2 travellers

The Land of Contrasts
Adventure & Photography

This photographic destination  give  great opportunity to shoot many differents and amazing  photos for all the photographers that like the landscape photography, portrait photography and wildlife photography.

The Destination for Wildlife photographers

First on the list is the leggendary  Serengeti N.P. where  during the migration  season millions of wildbeest  can be seen crossing the Mara River, giving spectaular views of wildlife and the opportunity to realise amazing photos during the entire Photo Safari.

Costa Rica
The Greenland Memory of Jurassic

Costa Rica is considered the last natural paradise in the world. For all photographers, who love the nature, travelling to Costa Rica is one of the best choices.

West Usa
The Great Wild West

Discover secrets photographics spots  with us, we offer an exclusive photo tour into the west USA: California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona. trough unique and exclusive locations for an autenthic photographic journey

Amazing Wildlife

Botswana is considered one of the last natural paradise in Africa.
Photo Safari Botswana, photographic tour not only for photographers becouse Botswana offer  unique and varied habitats, unforgettable sunsets, amazing nature and wildlife.

The Charming Arab Soul

Our photo tour will be focused in Landscape and portrait photography. During this  photographic workshop we will shoot many differents subjects and differents lanscape every day, for this reason we consider Oman a wonderful photographic destinations.

Land of colors

Senegal is one of the most interesting destinations for all who love the colors and the contrasts between the ocean, culture,  landscape. Country full of colors faschinating culture

A Magic Land for Landscape Photography

We consider Iceland the land for the Landscape photography lovers. Adventure off road to discover the best interesting locations and realize amazing images

Ocean, Culture, Caribbean Atmosphere

Who love caribbean can't loose Mexico and his amazing cultural, landscapes, ruins and some interesting fauna. A great mix for photography, beach and caribbean nightlife.

Culture & Amazing  Atmosphere

Morocco is a dream for many photographers thanks to the possibility to shoot thousand of  stunning images

Viet Nam
Ocean, Culture and incredible Landscape

This destination is very incredible, stunning landscape and many options to realize portrait photography in ambient
Ocean, Culture and incredible Landscape

This destination is very incredible, stunning landscape and many options to realize portrait photography in ambient

Culture and incredible Landscape

Italy, famous photographic destination for its historical monuments but also for its amazing landscapes

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Direct Contact with Us
We believe that for the realization of an excellent photographic travel the direct communication between us is of primary importance to fully understand your needs and establish a feeling that goes beyond the conventional “client-agency” relationship. We are very friendly people, open to dialogue that represents the tool to organize and offer photo-tour experience with the most appropriate solutions to the needs of every photographer and traveler. Moreover, the absence of intermediary agencies allows us to guarantee, for the same services,  a non-negligible economic advantage.
Reaching Strategic Locations
Is extremely important to travel with freedom of movement and always stay in the heart of the desired area to obtain the best photographic result . This is possible using our 4x4 vehicles drived by our expert drivers that allows us to reach the most evocative and wild places far from the usual tourist routes, stay into strategic points and be in fascinating places off the beaten tracks.
Our Philosophy
We share ours tours and ours photographic experience with all those who, like us, love animals and respect the nature, the tribes and local population, tackling together the adventure of each journey and photo-safari, immersed in wonderful landscapes scenarios.
If you don’t want to be a simple tourist but what you are looking for is to be part of a close-knit team, moved and united by a passion for travelling and photography, we are the right team that will involve you in photographic journeys  and unforgettable emotions.
Exclusives Locations
We organize photo journey, photo tours and photo workshop to meet the priority of taking the best pictures in the perfect light at sunrise and sunset, to create sensational images. This will mark the times of the photographic sessions and the itineraries will be defined following in the first place the criterion of photogenicity of the places and scenes that in these places can be proposed. Organizing exclusive journey and photo-safari with overnight “en plein air” in the nature and dinners by the fire we will strive to involve and convey you the emotions of  an authentic photographic expedition.
Journeys & Tours led by professionals
We offer exclusive photo tours, journeys, safari and photo workshops with a professional  support of logistics, guides, rangers, and photographers to experience the real photographic expedition as a protagonist.
We are professional guides licensed about tours and african safari, always in step with refresher courses.  Our organization is born from a group composed from the collaboration between expert local guides and Max, guide and professional photographer, coordinator and founder of this photographic project.
Our Mission

Our mission is to put every photographer at the best condition to realize sensational images during our private photography tours and photo journey.
The best outcome of your photographic journey will be our most important satisfaction.
Definition of "Photo Safari"

The word “Safari” is a voice from the Arabic “Safara” which means “Journey”. This terms has always been used to identify an expedition in lands of Equatorial Africa for the big game hunting. In the case of a Photo-safari commonly understood, obviously changes the purpose, which will be a journey in an African Park or its territory, with the aim of admiring and portraying wild life in its environment. This term is also used to identify any journey made in African Parks, generalizing its meaning to address it to mass tourism. We want to dissociate ourselves from the mass and  wanting to convey our philosophy of Photo-Safari we will call it “photographic expedition”.

Why ?


Photography is a story that springs from an image that emanates vigor and richness, is a moment of life held back that continues to move forever in the eyes of those who will look at it…..
The depth of its field is in symbiosis with the depth of the feeling that captures and expresses it.
Photography is the difference between looking and seeing, a combination of True and Beauty called Art and is spiritual research.
It is a reality that represents the idea that one has of it… is…..aligning the mind with the eyes, the heart and the action……Is our way of life!

Beautiful landscapes,original tribes, white deserts, wild oceans, wonderful animals, mountains and falls, hidden oases, red dunes and blue skies. Our expert guides are located worldwide in our travel destinations to support us during the travel. Our amazing planet has so many destinations for special photography to offer.

We consider our travels really special and different from others. We enjoy to mix the world of photography with adventure. What we provide is an exclusive photography travel adventure in the wilderness which allows you to feel deep emotions and the connection to nature you never experienced before. We love and respect nature, therefore, during our photographic travels, our expert guides will escort you to exclusive places far from touristic locations where you will enjoy exclusive photographic adventures surrounded by authentic nature.
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