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Who we are
We are a tour operator specialized in adventures and photographic travels around the world. From 1995 we are a professional photographer's team  and expert guides with many years of experience in adventure travels worldwide.
We organize travels for all those who are looking for emotions and life experiences, to get indelible memories and images for ever.
What We do
We organize the whole adventure, giving you the right way to get the best images. We organize 4x4 expeditions to reach remote places overnighting in the best location to be able to photo shoot in the right moment with sunrise and sunset lights.
What we Love
What we do is exactly what we love! We follow our passion for the photography and for the travels around the world mixing the off-road and the adventure world. We love the nature and the wild life  to live  every moment of the travel  enjoying the charme around us.
What we are Looking for
We reach amazing locations to offer exclusive photographic travels and lead you where others cannot arrive: awesome photographic locations  far from the most touristic places.
Our Mission
Give you the opportunity to shoot prestigious pictures staying in the right location when the light is at his best.

"Be free inside and follow your passion,  if you really want you can!
I did not let myself be tamed ... and I chose to return wild ...
doing what I love is freedom  and  loving what I do is for me the essence of happiness"

My welcome to all photographers, photo lovers and all  people that would love to live the difference during our trips.
My name is Max, I'm a professional photographer since 1995 and I'm the leader of this nice crew composed of professionals  guides and collaborators located in all proposed destinations.
Our team share the same passion for the photography, the nature, the wild life and the adventure, enjoying the worldwide travels.

When I was very young  my passion was riding off-road  and  my dream was to be a photographer to discover the world. I realized my dream thanks to the creation of a right mix between off-road 4x4 adventures and photography.
Many experience, travelling  through very wild  areas, made me fall in love for the adventure life. I felt extraordinary sensation, something great, riding of road and living in the middle of the  wild , shooting  images and observing the nature around me.
The passion for the adventure pushed  me to continue to  travel through many destinations: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan,  Laos, Viet Nam, Morocco, Western Sahara, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Oman, Namibia, Madagascar, South Africa, Senegal, Madagascar, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, Australia

After  many years of experience in travels adventure around the world my team and I can  lead you where others can't arrive.
We would like to meet  not only guests but people envolved  in our adventures, to share our passion with and to search and feel true emotions into the most beautiful  and remote photographic locations in the world.
... don't hesitate to contact  me for any kind of request ...

Contact Us

Phone:     +41 791793775
WhatsApp:   +41 791793775
E.-mail:    team@photoworldadventure.com

Photo World Adventure
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6600 Locarno - Switzerland
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