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Photo World Adventure
The  Charming
Arab soul

Oman Photo Tour
the Magic Arab World for Photographers
We offer an amazing photo tour in Oman to reach exclusive photographic locations out of the beaten tourist track. This photo tour in Oman is the best way, for photographers and photo-lovers, to dive into this adventure and enjoy this incredible and charming destination.

This photo tour and photographic workshop in Oman will be lead by a professional photographer and Oman is one of the best destinations to shoot extraordinary images of landscapes: high rocky mountains, lush oases, deserts with golden dunes and immense white beaches, suggestive clay villages and fascinating castles.
As everyone knows Oman is a tourist destination, but we have created a special adventure throught unique and exclusive routes, difficult to reach, to offer the best photo tour.
We will travel on board of 4x4 vehicles to reach the best locations and discover the Oman charme. Professional guide and photographer will lead you to the most beautiful places.
Our photo tour will be focused in Landscape and portrait photography. During this  photographic workshop we will shoot many differents subjects and differents lanscape every day, for this reason we consider Oman a wonderful photographic destinations.

The Need of Each Photographer
Private photograhic tours working exclusivly with a small groups that starts with  2 persons only.  
Our team will lead you on this photographic journey through wonderful scenarios on board of special 4x4 vehicles to discover amazing places.
This photo tour in Oman will allows you to have many different images with interesting contrasts...this is what the photographer is looking for.
The photographic workshop in Oman is an interesting experience, for dynamic photo-lovers that love adventure and photography. Dive into the charme of this stunning landscape discovering all aspect of this wonderfull destination.
The exclusive photo tour that we offer is one of the best trip in Oman, leaded by our professional guide and photographer, to get  exclusive images during the whole tour.




An adventure through a land not contaminated by mass tourism, where the ancient traditions are very lively and the population is very shy….
Enchanted bays, markets with an enthralling charm among the perfumes of incense, ancient fortresses, villages of mud, amazing canyons and gorges and deserts…that at sunset are colored with gold and rose……..We will sleep under the stars, living the charme of this wonderful landscapes
5 secret spots !
3 exclusives locations !
(adventure by 4x4 only)
- crossing the Hajar Mountains, throught a panoramic road
- crossing the Wahiba Desert from north to south stopping in the heart of the desert.
- reaching the White Desert, an exclusive location only for few!

“Welcome in Oman…the magic soul”

Enjoyng the photography with
our photographic workshop in
Oman. Place of great charm
and photographic interest
for extraordinary landscapes
with incredible contrasts between
high rocky mountains, lush oases,
vast deserts with golden dunes
and wide sandy beaches.
This is our journey in Oman, designed for dynamic travelers and adventure; people capable of adapting to different situations. With our 4x4 we will drive out of tracks not beaten and far from most tourist destinations, discovering fascinating cultures, sites and landscapes of extraordinary untouched places.
We will drive along dirty roads, tracks or paths between the sand and desert, dunes and endless beaches where, in some places, there is no accommodation,  that’s why we will need to camp 2/3 nights sleeping in a tent, between the desert on the shores of the ocean. For this reason it is imperative the right spirit to tackle this trip.

Our starting point is Muscat, Oman's charming capital, surrounded by volcanic mountains and overlooking the natural bays. We pick up our 4x4 cars and start the adventure with a short visit at the Quaboos Sultan Grand Mosque (imposing building in white marble with arches and minarets). It is the main mosque in the Sultanate of Oman, dominate the Muscat skyline. After the visit we will drive to the east to get a cove where we will take advantage of a refreshing swim among the rocks, sand and blue water.

Then follow towards the Hajar Mountains reaching Nakhal, where we will visit Nakhal Fort, the most magnificent forts in Oman, located in a palm oasis about 120 km away from Muscat.  
From Muscat we will cover the incredible dirt track that crosses the mountains, touching imposing peaks, spectacular canyons and villages where the time seems to have stopped centuries ago.
Going off-road on a scenic trail, along the through the Hajar Mountains with the landscapes most picturesque of the country, we will cover this extraordinary path that connects Nakhal to Nizwa living an adrenaline and fun experience, admiring spectacular views.

Starting from Nakhal, the first part goes through the imposing Wadi Bani Awf, with palm groves that contrast the bare rocky walls of the canyon. The road begin to rise at the Snake Gorge, a spectacular cleft in the Snake Valley mountains (so named due to the way the canyon bends, resembling the shape of a snake). Is a canyon with awe-inspiringtall cliffs, impressively narrow paths and blue pools…..

Along the way we will stop to make a trekk and after we continue our journey driving in dirt roads through the mountains.
The trip will bring us at Bahla, an UNESCO World Heritage town, located 40 km away from Nizwa. It is Home of one of the oldest Fortresses in the country Bahla Fort. The fortress and the town are enclosed by extencive remnants of a 12 km long fortified wall. Following our route to the "Mountain of the Sun" we will arrive at Misfat Al Albriyeen. This is a unique mountainous village located 1.000 m above the sea level foothills surrounding wilayat AL Hamra in Al Dhakhiyla Governorate.
The village derives its name from the Al Abri tribe. The village boasts amazing agricultural terraces, beautiful alleys, old houses builded on top of rocks with picturesque views in the valley and the mountain oasis with lush palm trees and pools of green and blue water.
From here we will proceed to the beautiful Wadi Ghul, a thousand meters deep canyon, drive along roads breathtaking, fascinating and unmissable.

We continue to arrive to Tanuf Ruins and  Nizwa were we will make a quick visit to the Fort.
We take the east direction to Birkat al Mouz ( literally “pool of bananas”) an enchanting location, the ruins are home to the Falaj irrigation system and are surrounded by plantations of bananas and other fruits.
Continuing our journey trough orges and mountains we will arrive at Wadi Bani Khalid, one of the most famous Wadi in Oman. It will welcome us with a large natural freshwater pool with a fantastic emerald green color…..Continuing along a path that penetrates between the narrow gorges, the stream narrows and forms natural pools of breathtaking beauty.
We enter into the desert during the afternoon to reach our place to camp in a tent for the night, between beautiful sand dunes. In the evening, with the sunset, we will enjoy an enchanted atmosphere, our encampment of tents among the dunes will be an authentic way to live right in the desert and feel his indescribable charm. Nothing, just a myriad of stars above us shine in dark blue; the desert with his silence ...... absolute, cosmic, perfect. Not a single, mild, little noise that manages to break it, a silence that let you hear only the beating of your heart .

After a night in the Desert the route continues to direction south-east to reach our starting point to cross the Wahiba Sands Desert, an expanse of ocher and pink dunes, extended as far as the eye can see, skies of a color that goes from blue to cobalt blue……and brightening stars. Here we will meet the Wahiba camps of nomads whose women wear the burqa features, facial masks black.
Aiming towards the south, we will face several hours of driving in the sand on the dunes before reach the coast of the Arabian Sea. Continuing on the edge of this lagoon we will find endless beaches of white sand that plunge into the blue sea, the landscape changes and the sea takes part in our travel.

Leaved the Desert we will reach Masirah Island.
This island is located in part of the Indian Ocean called The Arabian Sea, interesting for its unique natural wealth. Is a protected place where rare species of Turtles live in the coastal waters and come, in the summer season, to lay their eggs on the beach ….the western part is home for  300 species of birds, graceful flamingos and predators.
Here we are going to spend two days to dedicate time to reach beautiful beaches of the island for photographic session and also relax.

We will continue our trip to the south-east direction to reach the magnificent White Desert also known as Sugar Dunes Desert….Pristine white sand dunes, endless untouched beaches….. located near fishing village of Al Khaluf. We will relax and swim in natural crystal pool…
Here we will have a  suggestive photo session with short hiking spectacular white, gold and rose dunes.

Driving in return direction, to reach another Wadi famous for his indescribable natural beauty, we will visit Sur, once famous for dhow-building. Sur’s boatyards are still functioning.Then we will arrive at the Gorges of Wadi Al Shaab, where we are going to do a photo-trek and refresh in natural pools then the departure direction will be Muscat where we will take the opportunity to visit the SUQ (a special market) for a short shopping an a dinner before our fly to go back home.

photographic tour
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- Beginner, amateur, enthusiast and semi-pro and pro photographers (non-photographers also welcome)
- easy adventure

landscape-photography, portrait photography, architecture photography
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Arrival Airport: Muscat (MCT) - Transfer time to the 1° hotel 0.30 h
Departure Airport: Muscat (MCT) - Transfer time from the last point 2.00 h
Our tour begins at 11 AM on the first day and ends at afternoon on the last day , depending on the flights time

A visa may be required depending on your nationality. Go to  for more information.
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