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Costa Rica
the smallest colorful wildlife
Costa Rica
Stunning Landscapes
Costa Rica
Spirit of Adventure
Costa Rica
place of birds life

Private guided Tours
in Costa Rica dedicated to
Individual &  Small groups

The Greenland
of Jurassic

Welcome to Costa Rica Photo Tour
First Destination In Central America For Nature Photography

Costa Rica is considered the last natural paradise in the world. For all photographers, who love the nature, travelling to Costa Rica is one of the best choices.

... and not only for photographers, offering what the money can not buy: unique and varied habitats, unforgettable sunsets and amazing nature. Is the land where photographers who love the macro photography will feel in touch with the adventure in untouched nature.
In this photographic tour in Costa Rica, as in all those we offer, our priority will be the best light to create sensational shots, this will mark the times of the photographic sessions and the itineraries will be defined following in the first place the criterion of photogenicity of the places and scenes that in these places can be proposed.  The National Parks preserve a real paradise of bio diversity, hosting over half a million different animal and plant species.

For this many reasons we can name Costa Rica "the land of dreams"  where the photographers can really enjoy this incredible photo tour under all its photographic aspects.

You will can cancel whenever you want

Private photograhic tours working exclusivly with a small groups that starts with  2 persons only.  
We offer an exclusive  photo tour to get  exclusive images during our photographic workshop. The photographic tour in Costa Rica will be led by a professional photographer. This photographic tour in Costa Rica is the best choise to get incredible images of wildlife scenes and macro photography into authentic locations and stunning landscapes.
The exclusive photo tour that we offer is one of the best trip in Costa Rica, leaded by our professional guide and photographer, to discover the true life of Costa Rica and reach the most exclusive photographic spots with the aim to realize prestigious images,
We will led you in this fantastic photographic journey in Costa Rica, unique and exclusive, which will put you in the presence of “Mother Nature”, immersed in  greenery in all its infinite gradations and surrounded by the most peculiar animals of the planet.

The Need of Each Photographer



Enjoy with us a photo-journey in the land of smile, calm, kindness and semplicity to discover uncontaminated landscapes, wild forests and animals in total freedom
Photography Experience

During our photographic workshop we will be able to fully experience the technique of the photographic framing,
thanks to the wealth of landscape elements
 that will lead you to focus on the subject always beautifully “framed” and your images will be full, impactful and immediately understandable.
The overabundance of shapes and different kind of landscape will give exciting  photos with unique contrasts.
With our photo-camera armed with tripod we will have the perfect photographic in each locations. In the forest above all we will find the light deeply involving and if we will be able to let ourselves be captured by the “visions” that it will create with its bright and direct or soft and diffused rays, we will create harmonious and magnetic images.
Magnetic is the term that  represent how the whole of what you see will appear with infinite and exciting “points of view”.
“Bienvenidos y….Pura Vida en paraiso”

enjoyng the wild life photography
our photographic workshop in Costa Rica will
feel the nature around us.
the air smells sweetly of flowers
the sky is so blue that it seems to be painted
the eyes are filled with colors
of hundreds of shades of different colors
that we will make eternal in one click….
Flora And Fauna of Costa Rica
We will meet a truly surprising diversity of territory, a wealth of opportunities for wonderful photographic shots that develops between beaches and wetlands up to mountains and volcanoes.
In this phototour in Costa Rica we will find tropical  woods, typical of the less elevated areas, that preserve a very rich fauna and the tropical rain forests, that cover a large part of the country, located above a thousand meters, characterized by a vast native flora and fauna, favored in its development by this combination of sunlight, heat and humid environment.
We will meet and photograph the cute and playful Capuchin Monkeys, the Howler Monkeys, the pretty Spider Monkeys and the Squirrels one, who gracefully cross the forest in search of fruits, seeds and leaves.
We will photograph the rainbow-billed Tucans, the magnificient Scarlet Macaws ( the parrots), giant Crocodiles, the red Mazama (a particular species of deer), colorful and iridescent Iguanas, seductive Snakes like the Coral snake, the wonderful red-eyed Frog, animal symbol of the Costa Rica or the Blue Jeans little frog, the tiny Pygmy, the poisonous arrow frog….or the extremely rare  as delicate Glass frog.
The Pacific area is characterized by dry woods that host medium sized shrubs and trees and by scarce vegetation. Our photographic travel will touch also the coasts, with spectacular beaches bordered by lush vegetation and wetlands dominated by mangroves with their variety of fauna, that constitute other sensitive and delicate ecosystems, where the giant sea turtles find their home and off of the coast the mighty whales, the humpback whales, the orcas and the Bottlenose, Spinner and Stripped dolphins…
A thousand inspirations for our photo workshops in Costa Rica!

The Heart of the Greenland - Costa Rica
In the heart of the ring of fire, Costa Rica dominates with over 300 craters of which 5% are still active. On this photographic travel in Costa Rica we will admire together the  “roar of the earth” …with the Arenàl volcano, famous for being one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world, for its perfectly conical shape and for its  legendary lava flows, the Poàs with its crater that is over two kilometers in diameter ( is one of the largest in the world) it is home to a blue, as beautiful as lethal lake, one of the most acid water holes in the world…,the Irrazù (3.432 m the highest among the volcanoes) inside whose main crater is a turquoise green lagoon…, the Miravalles, the Tenorio-Montezuma whose activity created the teñideros de Rìo Celeste.
We will walk among the paths traced in these gardens of Eden, like the wet primary forest (Monteverde Cloud Forest  and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve) where we will try to photograph the legendary  Quetzal, the bird of the Maya, we will meet the friendly Coati and the very fast Hummingbirds. If we are lucky we will be able to meet the smallest specimen in the world, the Bee Hummingbird; we will walk among the Butterflies, you think the 10% of the existing butterfly species in the world is concentrated in Costa Rica….
Or like the rainy forest that welcomes the Sarapiqui River, or that of the Corcovado, where the majestic as elusive Jaguar lives.
Our Photographic tour in Costa Rica will start in the north of San Josè with a visit to the Arenal volcano which gives its name to the park that hosts it, in which the equally majestic and perhaps even more elusive feline “his majesty The Puma” seems to reside.

Costa Rica - the Paradise for Photo-Lovers
This paradise will offer us an incredible variety of ideas for an exciting and rich photographic adventure in Costa Rica: we will be able to see how each tree is embraced by other vegetation that is attached to it, which is grafted on it, like the wild orchids that are born right on the trunks in the middle of a riot of mosses, lichens and creepers, ficus over 10 meters high, secular mangroves, trees with aerial roots that start from the middle of trunk and are grafted in the ground, very high palms with drooping red or yellow florescences, wonderful enormous flowers, such as the wild rose Jengibre or rain forest Protea flower, the Alpinia Purpurata (ginger flower)…the passion flower, the Heliconia…….
We will see flowers with colors of an indescribable intensity, beautiful and fascinating that appear everywhere, along the edges of paved or unpaved roads…blues, reds, yellows and purples, of a thousand shades, with velvety, jagged, smooth petals, sweetly perfuming the air…..
We will be immersed among the leaves of a thousand shades of green, yellow and red ….of disproportionate size with more than a meter in diameter…
giant ferns….ficus repens waterfalls. Here Nature flaunts all its beauty giving the emotion of enchanted gardens that ill envelop us with their mists, with the thousand noises and rustlings that harmonize with the chirps and sounds of birds and the countless animal species that populate this paradise. A plunge into a “Jurassic” past that will fascinate us and give us, where the light dances between colors, lighting them up, incredible views to photograph.
You will get in touch with a wild nature, in the greenest country in the world, perfect destination for lovers of naturalistic photography and adventure and for expert photographers who wish to compete with challanges of the caliber of…Colibrì portrait in nature and not in a special shooting set…!

Playng with the Waterfalls of Costa Rica
In this enchanted place, where “Nature give a show”, we cannot fail to venture into the search of the wonderful waterfalls of Costa Rica. There are thousands of them….but we will concentrate on the more scenographic ones for dimensions and colors, like the “ Catarata de la Paz” o “La Fortuna” with its 75 meters jump, the beautiful “Nauyaca”, which is located in the middle of a Canyon and provides a nice trek, which consist in two falls and forma a natural pool of 300 mq. deep 6 --- or the  “Catarata Diamante, the tallest of the Costa Rica with 200 mt.of jump… or “Catarata del Toro”, 90 mt. visible from a terraced garden from where, among flowers and Hummingbirds tha dart before the eyes, you can admire the suggestive crater…. “Llanos de Cortes”  or the suggestive “Rio Celeste” , famous for the turquoise color of its waters which owe this color to the chemical origin of a mix of volcanic elements.
The photographic sessions of waterfalls, beaches at dawn and sunset, coasts and craters will be a splendid opportunity, for those who possess it, to experience photography from above through the use of the drone, a brilliant directional tool that improves landscape photography and drastically changing the perception of what you photograph giving new dimensions and prospective to your photos.
During our exciting tour in Costa Rica we will  learn how the rain, which normally in a photographic journey is considered an annoying inconvenience, may instead be the added value to your images…
In this photographic travel in Costa Rica you will have the opportunity to  experiment and if is necessary learn the use of the best optics and filters according to the type of photography that you will have to take , you will be able to dedicate yourself to Macro and landscape photography as well as naturalistic.

Costa Rica
photographic tour

We will  organize your private photographic tour
to your measurements and needs
- Beginner, amateur, enthusiast and semi-pro and pro photographers (non-photographers also welcome)
- easy adventure

macro-photography, wildlife-photography, landscape-photography
Professional photographer | guide
Photo workshop & discussions

Arrival Airport: San Josè (SJO) - Transfer time to the 1° hotel 0.30 h
Departure Airport: San Josè (SJO) - Transfer time from the last point 2.00 h
Our photo tour begins at 11 AM on the first day and ends at afternoon on the last day.

A visa may be required depending on your nationality. Go to  for more information.
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