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Photo Tour Morocco
“Welcome to Morocco”

Land of sunsets
Essence of timeless charm
breathtaking views and Amazing contrasts
photo workshop and adventure

During this photography tour we will lead you to discover the extraordinary nature of Morocco. The photography tour will focus on the spectacular Atlas region and the Desert in the South and its surroundings. It is an otherworldly place, of  mountains with shades of red and ochre, of dunes and palm groves that give wonderful light at dawn and sunset, when the ocean of sand comes to life with its warm and intense colors. Many hidden gems, places of unreal beauty, are here, far from the tourist routes. This makes them perfect and unique subjects in your shots.

Our photo tour will be conducted under the watchful eye of our guide and photographer, deep connoisseur of the African territory, its landscapes, how to capture them perfectly in the changing conditions of light and weather.

We are going to photograph landscape, naturalistic portrait and also reportage photography.
travel to Morocco on board of special 4x4 vehicles is one of the most interesting experience for photographers and adventure lovers.
Private photograhy journey working exclusivly with a small groups that can starts with  1-2 persons only.  
Morocco is a really special destination for an exclusive photo tour. Our photography tour in Morocco is  led by our pro photographer / guide, will give you the opportunity to get breathtaking images every day. The whole photo tour in Morocco will be surrounded by authentic locations and stunning landscapes.
As usually is in our style, the goal is to be in the right moment in the right place. During the whole tour our accommodation will be closest as possible to the more interesting photographic locations giving us  the possibility to get the best images with the sunrise and sunset lights. We will stay in confortable lodge and hotel on the way of our itinerary route,  but it could be very important to choose some local Riad to reach the best spot. Unforgettable  will be to stay in the middle of the desert to enjoy the charme feeling it's  magic. Not impossible that happen also that we set-up our tents to overnight in strategic and exclusive photography locations.
The Need of Each Photographer

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Morocco is Considered
one of the most fascinating
destination in the world

Our Photo Tours in Morocco are not only for photographers becouse Morocco offer  amazing locations and incredible contrasts from the Sahara Desert, Atlas and Ocean

An exclusive photography tour for an unforgettable experience. The fascinating local culture and incredible views will give us unique and unmissable emotions. We will alternate luxury hotels with desert tent experiences travelling on board of our 4x4 vehicles to reach the most exclusive  photography locations.
During this photo tour we will accompany you to discover the extraordinary nature of Morocco. It’s a Constitutional Monarchy that occupies the  northwestern part of North Africa and is the crossroads between Europe and Africa. It is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean and the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, to the west by the Atlantic, to the east by Algeria and to the south by Mauritania. In the North and in the coast the  climate is of Mediterranean type while in the hinterland it is desert. It has a majority Arab ethnicity and a Berber minority. Its capital is Rabat. Morocco is crossed by two main mountain ranges, the Rif in the northern part parallel to the Mediterranean coast, the Atlas that is divided into High Atlas and Middle or Small Atlas that runs from North to South up to the gates of the Sahara Desert. The Rif is less known than the other mountain ranges of Morocco but offers spectacular scenery based on limestone cliffs, gorges, valleys and waterways. With more than 400 peaks that reach up to 3000 meters and many above 4000 meters, the Atlas massif imposes itself, which will give us in this photo tour breathtaking scenery and true pearls, such as the Tessaout Valley and its red villages, where the land with which the houses are made merges with the rock and the mountains. The area is populated mainly by Berber tribes and the views offered from this point of view are breathtaking, ranging from the burnt ocher of the earth to the
blue blue of the sky to the green of the oases up to the dizzying mountain peaks. To the south, close to the Atlantic coast and the borders with the Sahara Desert we find the Little Atlas with its dry climate, arid landscapes and particularly high summer temperatures. At the foot of the Atlas opens the Land of the Dunes. The desert provides wonderful light at dawn and sunset, when the sandy ocean comes to life with its warm and intense colors. We enter the WĀDĪ beds of rivers or valleys and the Erg, vast plateaus made up of sandy stretches covered by dunes opposed to the rocky
desert and serir (pebble desert). Photographers will also enjoy the opportunity to hone their skills behind the lens, taking lessons from our photo guide who knows all the tips and tricks when it comes to taking an incredible photo. One thing is certain: you will leave the charming Morocco with incredible new additions to your photo portfolio.
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Nicknamed "the Red City" because of the high red walls that surround the ancient Medina, this historic imperial city will inaugurate our photo tour with a perfect mix of culture, history and tradition. It will enchant us with its beautiful mosques, with its palaces and gardens, with its colorful souks. The nerve center of the Medina and the beating heart of social life the magic square Jemaa El Fnaa will intoxicate us with its aromas, spices, music, snake charmers... the many stalls where you can taste traditional dishes.... Fascinating for reportage photography is the souk Haddadine full of blacksmith shops and tanneries with their chaotic and colorful workshops. For lovers of landscape photography obligatory stop is the Koutubia Mosque with its minaret, landmark for international architecture, as well as the incredible El Bahia Palace, the ruins of the Palais and Badi, the Jardins de la Ménara.
To the northeast of Marrakech the Ouzoud Falls which are among the highest in Morocco and North Africa. They are one of the most visited and photographed natural sites, on top of the Azilal region, overlooking the Berber village of Tanaghmeilt. Surprisingly in this place you can meet the wild but friendly monkeys of Ouzoud.
Ancient, crude, rich in floklore, the spectacular mountains of the High Atlas, not to be missed for our photographic journey, are one of the most beautiful jewels of Morocco, crossing it for 1000 kilometers separating the Atlantic coasts from the arid Sahara desert.
This beautiful ksar, a fortified city, is one of the 9 sites in Morocco that UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site. Situated along the road of commerce that the caravans crossed through the Sahara, it dominates the valley along the banks of the river Ounila. Its construction dates back to 1600 and is made of organic materials including red mud. Inside there are still crenellated towers, with blind arches and geometric patterns in relief that create fascinating plays of light and shadows perfect for our photographic shots, some clay kasbahs and behind the houses of earth. It’s a very old village, a must-see for our photo tour and for all travellers who choose to visit the desert region.
The important city of Ouarzazate is the largest in the pre-Saharan oases. For centuries a post station for caravans, it was a garrison of French colonialism and in the 1950s it became a film set nicknamed Ouallywood. Despite being today an important administrative center, Ouarzazate offers some interesting things to see. The Taourirt Kasbah, the Atlas Cinema Studio and the Cinema Museum.
This fortified citadel is one of the most impressive and best fortified you can meet. The good state of preservation is due to the interest of Hollywood for this charming place used as a location for many important films.
In the Souss-Massa-Daraa region lies the city of many trades. The Taznacht tribe is known for its varied handicrafts but in particular is known for the weaving of carpets. Women are the real protagonists of this art that has brought this tribe to the fore and has fuelled the economic prosperity of the area.
Among the most impressive in Morocco the dunes of Erg Chegaga reach 300 meters in height. We are located in the remote area Drâa-Tafilalet about 45 km west of the small rural oasis town of M'Hamid El Ghizlane, last outpost before the slopes that lead into the desert, about 98 km south of the town of Zagora, in the region of Souss-Massa-Draa.
The gate of the desert, land of the Touareg, among decorated spires, minarets and ancient architecture is the place from which you start for the exciting photo tour of the desert.
Holy City at the foot of a fertile valley, declared a monumental city since 1940, has in the Moroccan world a role as a city of art and crafts as well as an ancient religious role. It is the oldest of the 4 Imperial cities and is considered one of the most attractive centers of the Islamic world for its monuments, markets, mosques and the famous Medina. Tanneries are a real time gate. You can admire them from the top of a terrace.
DADES VALLEY - Valley of the Thousand Kasbahs
The heart of the valley is an oasis with amazing landscapes. The ancient and beautiful Kasbahs and the spectacular red canyons, formed by the river Dades, are waiting to be photographed. A rich photo workshop between the breathtaking gorge of the Dades, the spectacular twisting starda and the fingers of the monkeys. The contrasts between the colors of the rocks and the green of the palm groves is immense. The Gorge with its winding road offers one of the best photographic motifs.
It is an adventure in the Berber heart of Morocco, stunning scenery the Valley of the Roses was sculpted by the river Assif M'Goun.  This verdant valley, at the foot of an ochre-tinted canyon, offers an exciting breathtaking spectacle with its uninterrupted thirty kilometers of rose cultivation along the Wadi. Enchanting all year round, it offers a special charm during the period of flowering of roses.
Located on the east side of the High Atlas Mountains,  the Todra Gorge is one of the most impressive canyons in the world. It is a natural oasis created by the river Todra that for many centuries has made its way into the limestone. Imposing its walls above 400 meters has a prehistoric flavor and is an ideal destination for suggestive shots of landscape photography.
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