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Tanzania photo safari
Where to stay
our lodge
and tented camps
in Serengeti National Park
Private Safari Tented Camp
always at the forefront
in the best photographic location
Individual &  Small groups

Private and
Exclusive tented camp
This is a private camp with special licence that allow us to set up the tents in exclusive locations inside the N.P.. The accommodation solutions include two options : Adventure Safari Tents and Comfort  Safari Tents
The two solutions differ in  size of the tents and their content, which will be reduced to the bare minimum in the Adventure Tent option. The camp will be followed and supervised by qualified personnel.
There is also the possibility to obtain a double tent for single use paying a supplement.

The Tents
We use  spacious and comfortable safari tents  which adapt perfectly to the surrounding environment. They have been designed and made with attention to meet the needs of our guest photographers during photo expeditions, with comfortable beds, essential to rest well after the busy days of our photo safari. Designed to accommodate even in the hottest hours, when is not possible realize good pictures because the light is too high. They have a roof made with a double layer and a cavity that guarantees better ventilation, not allowing the tent to overheat.
Each tent has 6 very large windows that cool off the interior and allow a generous view of the surrounding environment.
Outside a veranda allows you to relax in the shade. A tent can accommodate 2 people and is furnished with two single beds (or double bed on request), two bedside tables for personal effects, a trunk to comfortably hold photographic equipment, even large optics, a laptop and other personal objects..
In each tents there is a table to be used as a photograpich workstation for the use of the laptop  to view and select the photos taken during the day, the table is also essential for the daily maintenance of photographic equipment.
The bathroom is adjacent to the back of the tent, with direct access, essential but elegant, includes a floor with sink, mirror, hot shower and hygienic service.
All made in an eco-friendly way with an exclusive style that adapts and respects the environment that hosts us. All the objects are hand-made to obtain a unique style and to give work to the native population.

Adventure Safari Tent
This tent is the first choise to feel the real Safari in Africa.
We love to go out of the ordinary routes in search of fascinating places to live intensely to offer highly sought photographic safaris.
After years of experience, in  the world of photographic safaris, we have chosen this mobile tented camp because it allows us freedom of movement and the possibility to choose places always different without giving up comfort.
Thanks to special permits we can locate our tented camp in strategic areas, from the photographic  point of view, inside the parks. In this way we will be far away from the beaten route by the mass tourism and could concentrate undisturbed to realize important shoots.

Comfort Safari Tent
We have designed a comfortable mobile tented camp that meets our needs: the accommodations have been designed with direct collaboration of photographers, to create sought-after safaris and photographic workshops, out of the ordinary tourist routes.
Photography and adventure are our common thread and we want to live in the most authentic way every African Safari. That’s why our tented camp is located in strategic areas with the aim of easily reaching the theater locations of the most representative scenes, taking advantage of the best lights of the dawn and sunset.
Our tented camp generally is located into Serengeti National Park and welcomes photographers from all over the world. Thanks to its special structure we can easily move it also in other Tanzania parks, satisfying the desired needs and itineraries.
The tented camp has all the comforts necessary to live an exclusive photo safari, with spacious safari tents, comfortable beds, en-suite bathroom with shower and toilet. The kitchen guarantees three meals every day.

Safari Restaurant
All the tented camp is very compact and the restaurant is located in the center: furnished in a simple way but at the same time elegant and welcoming is a sort of gazebo, open on the sides to allow a free view of the surrounding environment at 360 degrees,  closable in case of adverse weather condition with sliding curtains.  
The camp kitchen is followed by a local Chef who will prepare delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners and offers different varieties of wine,beers and prestigious local products.
The restaurant turns into a bar and is a perfect meeting place where you can enjoy a cool drink, exchange ideas and discuss about the pictures that have been taken during the photo session.

Enjoy the Sunset
Maybe the idea to be completely surrounded by the nature in darkness can intimidate….or the thought to get bored can cause concern….Well! We dare to say that the experience to overnight in our camp will have an incomparable charm that will give you moments that will impress in your memory , giving you emotions that cannot be described in words.
The bonfire that we will lit every evening will give a magic touch, more to the already incredible atmosphere that surround us while the Rangers and the Masai Guard will assure us the tranquility to be protected.
We will spend pleasant moments exchanging information about the past day, notions of photography, listening to the stories  of the guides about local customs or animals. Being completely surrounded by nature, savoring exclusive moments and have the possibility to observe the myriad of stars that sparkle in the intense blue of the sky of these places is priceless.
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