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About Us

Travel Guide
            Off-road Expert

Welcome to all those longing to Experience
something Unique during the Journeys
Who we are
We are a tour operator specializing in African Safaris, 4x4 adventures, and photographic tours across the globe. Our photographic expeditions are curated and guided by Max, a professional photographer since 1995 and an experienced guide with extensive knowledge in adventure tours worldwide.
We curate tours for individuals seeking profound emotions and life-enriching experiences, aiming to create enduring memories and everlasting images.
My team and I specialize in orchestrating entire adventures, ensuring you capture the most exceptional images. We arrange 4x4 expeditions to access remote locations, strategically planning overnight stays at the finest spots, allowing for opportune photo shoots illuminated by the perfect moments of sunrise and sunset.
Passionate About Our Work
Our work is an embodiment of our deepest passion! We ardently pursue photography, revel in the wonders of nature and wildlife, and relish every moment of our journeys, immersing ourselves in the enchanting ambiance that surrounds us.
Our Mission
We embark on a mission to explore stunning, exclusive photographic destinations, guiding you to places unreachable by others: breathtaking spots off the beaten path, far from typical tourist routes.
Our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to capture exquisite photographs by staying in strategic locations, precisely when the light is at its most spectacular.


I'm Max, a professional photographer since 1995 and the leader of our wonderful crew, consisting of professional guides and collaborators located across all our destinations.
Our team shares a deep passion for photography, nature, wildlife, and adventure, reveling in the marvels of our amazing planet.

In my youth, my passion was off-road riding, and my dream was to become a photographer and explore the world. I fulfilled this dream by creating the perfect blend of off-road 4x4 adventures and photography.
Numerous experiences in remote areas fueled my love for adventurous living. The extraordinary sensations while off-roading and immersing myself in the wilderness, capturing images while observing the surrounding nature, were truly inspiring.

Driven by my passion for adventure, I've traveled extensively to various destinations, including Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Laos, Vietnam, Morocco, Western Sahara, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Oman, Namibia, Madagascar, South Africa, Senegal, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, and Australia.

With many years of experience in global adventure tours, my team and I can take you where others cannot reach. We aim not only to host guests but to engage with individuals involved in our tours, sharing our passion and seeking genuine emotions in the most stunning and remote photographic locations worldwide.

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries or requests.
Exclusive Guided Journeys

Instagram: photo.world.adventure

Email: team@photoworldadventure.com

Instagram: photo.world.adventure

Email: team@photoworldadventure.com

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