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"Private Photo Safari & Tours in Namibia
Tailor-Made Journeys"

"Namibia Photo Tours:
Capture Stunning Landscapes, Wildlife, and Portraits"

A Namibian photo tour or safari  give  great opportunity to shoot many differents and amazing  photos for all the photographers who like the landscape photography, portrait photography and wildlife photography.
Namibia stands out for many  breathtaking landscape with red dunes of the Namib desert, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, savannahs, ocean,  an incredible wildlife everywhere, remote and untoched salt pans and, not the last, unique tribes.

"Tailor made Tours & Safaris"

Choose your period and the departure dates and we organize your  private photography tour in Namibia for your family or group of friends that  can starts even with  2 persons only. Your exclusive tour is the best way to enjoy and  be concentrated in your photographic experience, taking your time for each shoot when the light is at it's best.

A photo tour in Namibia with our organization is the best way to get amazing images leaded by our professional photographer guide by your side.

"Capture Namibia's Beauty with a Private Photographer Guide"

The photo safari in Namibia, with our organization, is developed to reach exclusive locations  leaded by Max , expert in Namibian tours and  professional photographer guide, the best way to realize amazing images in exclusive locations off the beaten tracks with a special guide by your side.

the Wonders of Namib Desert
Private Photo Safaris & Tailor-Made Journeys

© photo:  Max Keyen

Namib Desert  offers breathtaking landscapes. Its immense desert dunes extend until they plunge into the ocean.

Capturing the Majestic
Desert Elephants in Namibia

© photo:  Max Keyen
Desert Elephants. Everyone knows about Etosha NP but animal life extends beyond the boundaries of this famous park. The charm of the wildlife outside the park is indescribable. We travel along sandy roads to reach remote places where animals live undisturbed.

Exploring the Charming Himba Tribes on a Private Photo Tour

© photo:  Max Keyen
The Himba lives in Kaokoland, region of Namibia, where are very easy to find but to meet the most authentics tribes is necessary to drive  in the extreme north west, the Kunene region, bordering Angola
mix of  adventure
for photographer and travellers

We will venture into Etosha National park, the most famous Namibian national park with its breathtaking landscape teeming with wildlife where live elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, and all the most interesting African animals. The namibian wildlife into Etosha  and  into many others National Parks and conservation areas, offer also the opportunity to see and shoot amazing action images.
In the north part of Namibia lives one of the most fascinatng tribes in the world, the Himba, with theyr  red skin and unique hair, beautiful women  dressed with interesting decorations.
Our photo safari in Namibia will reach also the amazing Namib Desert, where you will get unique photo-shooting of  dead trees in the middle of red dunes. This is only a part of our tour, where we will dedicate our time during the best light to get the best images.

Namibia is a  big country with long distances to drive that means  discover differents places every days surrounded by its beautiful landscape and wildlife.
For this many reasons we can name Namibia "the land of contrast"  where the photographers can really enjoy this incredible photo tour under all its photographic aspects.

We will spend our time to get exclusive images surrounded by exclusive locations.

why choose us
our style and philosophy

Comfortable & equipped 4x4 Vehicle
our car with driver | guide  is  at your
exclusive use during the whole tour


Private Tours & Safaris
developed for small groups
of friends or families
guaranted departures for solitary


Exclusive Locations
exclusive photographic locations
off the beaten tourism routes


the whole photo tour will be
personally leaded by Max Keyen

photo tours
Informations & Itineraries
in Namibia

Photo Tours Highlights

off the beaten tracks
    • Marienfluss
    • Van Zyl's Pass
    • Authentic Himba Tribe
    • Skeleton Coast
    • Namib Desert on the coast
    • Elephants, Lions, Giraffs, Cheetahs  into the river beds

Main Locations
    • Etosha National Park
    • Sossusvlei
    • Swakopmund
    • Cape Cross
    • Windhoek
    • Walvis Bay
    • Damaraland
    • Lüderitz
Best season
The best month  for a photo tour in Namibia are from June to October with more moderate temperature.

Experience | difficulty
- Beginner, amateur, enthusiast and semi-pro and pro photographers (non-photographers also welcome)
- adventure / long travel

Suggested duration
min 9 days

Overnight stay
tented safari camp and Lodge: it depends of the choice of the  itinerary

Meeting point
Hosea Kutako International Airport Windhoek (WDH)

Arrival Airport: Hosea Kutako Int. Airport (WDH) - Transfer time to the 1° hotel 0.40 h
Departure Airport: Hosea Kutako Int. Airport (WDH) - Transfer time from the last point 1.00 h
Our photo tour begins at 11 AM on the first day and ends at afternoon on the last day.

Travel visa
A visa may be required depending on your nationality. Go to  for more information.
Professional photographer | guide
Photography assistance & discussions
4x4 Adventure

all meals and drinks are not included if not specified in the "price include"

Photographic gender
wildlife-photography, landscape-photography, portrait-photography
somothing about
Photographic places in Namibia
Etosha National Park
From  Windhoek we will drive to the north of Namibia crossing the awesome Etosha National Park.
It is the gateway to Nothern Namibia and Ovamboland, the prime wild life location, “home” for a large variety of mammals and birds. The name “Etosha” means in the tribe’s Ovambo language “great white area” because of the large dried pan in the middle of the Park. What makes this Park unique are the large pools of water that attract thousands of flamingos….A unique spactacle in the world and a dream for every photographer. It is dominated by a massive mineral Pan. The Pan is part of the Kalahari Basin, or Kalahari Depression, a large lowland area covering most of Botswana and parts of Namibia, South Africa, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Pan covers around 25% of the N.P. Originally, around 1000 million years ago, was a lake by the Kunene River. However the course of the river changed and the lake dried up. Now is a large dusty depression  of wading birds, including impressive flocks of Flamingos. The perennial springs along the edges of the Etosha Pan draw large concentrations of wild life and birs.
There we will stop to shoot images of incredible wildlife, choosing the best spot in this place, thanks to our guide photographer thath know all the area. In Etosha NP we could photo-shoot many animals: diffrent buck species, rhino, lion, elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, cheetah, hyena, zebra, springbok, kudu, gemsbok and eland….if we have fortune maybe leopards.
Epupa Falls
Kunene river
The photo tour in Namibia will  cross the Kaokoland, to north direction, reaching Epupa falls where Kunene river offer a spectacular view between Namibia and Angola border.
Here we will meet the first Himba tribe, surnamed “the Red People”. It is a semi-nomadic population dedicated to pastoralism.
Famous are the women of this people considered  “Beautiful as Statues”. The body and hair are painted with ointments based on ocher powder, aromatic herbs and goat butter. This mix give them a reddish color, making them resemble, in fact,  to “Terracotta Statues”.
This first meeting  is more touristy because this settlement is close to the services and accustomed to contact with “ the white man”. It will be interesting take some portrait with a beautiful background.
Van Zyl's Pass
Himba tribes
Marienfluss valley, the extreme north in west direction...Nobody else will offer you this exclusive photo tour driving throught Van Zyl's Pass, an extreme 4x4 challeng, because is one  the highest roads of the country. Van Zyl's Pass , at an elevatione of 948m above the sea level, is a classic extreme road, not really a road, just a route made over the mountain by travellers over time. During this excursion we can discover the most authentic and wilderness Himba tribes,..far away from the tourism routes!  They will be really friendly and happy to meet us.
We will spend the right time for the best photographic workshop with them, living one of the best experience during this travel to Namibia: an exclusive adventure full of emotions, breathing the authentic atmosphere around us.
Because of this route is not convenient for traditional agencies only few people have the chance to live this exclusive experience, thanks to personal ties tightened by our guides that reciprocate the privilege of this welcome bringing supplies, medicines and food.
This off-road trip throught Van Zyl's Pass will lead us to the Marienfluss Valley, extreme north west to Angola border, in Kunene region. Area with an unique landscape that we can find only in this region of Namibia.

Hoanib River
Skeleton Coast
We travel on board of our 4x4 vehicle along the east border of the Skeleton Coast Park - Hoanib river, crossing extreme areas with incredible sharm and stunning landscape. The charme of this remote area is due to its almost lunar landscape, with dunes that change shape depending on the wind, the canyons, the fog on the coast, the cold sea breeze and the wreks scattered on the beaches, from which the name of the park originates. Thi area is particularly wild and interesting for Oryx passages.
We will continue our photo tour driving in to the sand of Hoarusib River and crossing the desert directly to Hoanib River. One more amazing experience that will give us unforgettable moment and incredibles photos. In this area we will see desert animals like orix, elephant, black rhino, giraffes and if we will be lucky also lions and cheetahs on the sand!  
We will cross the most important and not touristic locations, where no agency offer this photographic tour becouse the logistic organizzation could be too expencive. We think you can't leave Namibia without crossing this stunning places.
Cape Cross
Walvis Bay
Damaraland is one of the part tha we include in our photo tour , travelling throught the beautiful landscapes. After  Damaraland our photo tour in Namibia we will travel to south, driving along the coast to reach others stunning landscape. We will stop to Cape Cross in time for our photo workshop shooting images to the sea lions with the best light of the afternoon.  
This photo tour restarting to reach Swakopmund, a nice town on the coast where spend some time to shopping and relaxing a bit, visit the old town and enjoy the night life. Swakopmund will be our base to visit the beautiful Walvis Bay lagoon, famous for the flamingos colony. In Walvis Bay we can get many interesting images, during sunrise and sunset with the best light.

Namib desert
Namib Desert, the last but not less important location of our photo tour in Namibia. The name “Namib” means in Nama language “Immense”…it is considered the oldest desert in the world. ...…Infinite expanse, magical and unique in the world, of landscapes that transport you to the place of unforgettable emotions, silences and scenarios that seem to belong to another planet or to the origins of the world…Imposing Dunes with color tones range from Yellow, apricot, orange, ocher, red and gold.  They are transformed into the continuous dance between light and wind, framed by a blue porcelain sky or by the burning sunset. You can not describe the amazement of the eyes and the soul that arouses the sudden vision, among these red giants, of a surreal place from which phantoms rise, dozens of fossilized trees….whose dark and dry trunks look like sculptures that stand out against the bottom of an unlikely “white lake” surrounded by red, creating a spooky scenery. We will spend some time on the heart of this desert to shoot the last images of our adventure enjoying the nice view of this incredible place.


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The importances
to Stay Overnight
in tented  camp
To get sensasional images in some place is very important to be there in the right moment with the best light, that's why we choose to use our mobile tented camp to overnight straight in the best location.
We set-up the tented camp in strategic  locations that able us to be in the right photographic place during the sunrise and during the sunset to get amazing images with the best light
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