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the freezing land
the freezing land
the freezing land

“Welcome to Iceland…
...the freezing land”

Majestic peaks climbing thousands of feet out of a deep blue sea,
towering icebergs formed into fanciful shapes, northern lights straking across the sky in vibrant multicolor

the photographer's land
exclusive  Photographic Locations

We are going to photograph seascapes, the wave’s flow and motion, inclusion of the unique flow and movement of water makes your images more dynamic, sunburst…to get the magical effect as the sun peers around  in the foreground, illuminating everything in its wake…landscape and naturalistic portrait

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Private photography tours working exclusively with a small groups that starts from  1-2 persons only.  
Our team will lead you on this photography journey through wonderful scenarios on board of special 4x4 vehicles to discover amazing places.
This photo tour ist the best choice to realize many interesting images of Iceland's landscape.
The photography workshop in Iceland is an interesting experience for  photo-lovers focused in landscape photography. Dive into the amazing Iceland  discovering all aspect of this wonderfull destination.
The exclusive photo tour that we offer is one of the best trip in Iceland and the pro photographer / guide will lead you  to get  exclusive images during the whole tour.

Photographer's Need

Photo tour Iceland
the exclusive Journey


Stunning Iceland ….a photography journey with fascinating workshops in this extraordinary land that with surprising force overwhelms the travellers able to respect the delicate balances that regulate the alternation of events. Geysers, pools of boiling mud, volcanoes covered with ice and glaciers that make their way through imposing rock walls, fjords, the wide beaches inhabited by noisy colonies of birds... the wonders of this Nordic land seem endless, this photo tour will guide you to discover unmissable destinations, which will give us spectacular images.

An incredible  photo tour into the wild Iceland
reaching exclusive photography locations

This photography tour in Iceland is developed for photographers and photo-lovers, to dive into this photography destination and enjoy its wonderful landscape.

A pro photographer / guide will lead you to reach the best photography locations in Iceland. This  is one of the best destination to shoot amazing images of landscape photography in the world. We will focus on photography of waterfalls, Mountains, Vulcans, Coast,  glaciers can give you an exclusive inspiration to realize the best photography shoot. You will led  into the land on board of  4x4 vehicles to reach the best points of view for your best photo shoots.
Extreme frontier
where the foxes roam undisturbed and the paths lead to uncontaminated areas bordering the Arctic Circle.
During this photo tour we will lead you to discover the extraordinary nature of Iceland, which will amaze you for its natural variety, in a few miles you pass from the endless green of the prairies to the volcanic flows, from the absolute white of the glaciers to the power of the geysers who "shoot" the water at tens of meters high….. breathtaking views will thrill fans of nature and landscape photography where an imposing and severe nature is reflected in the magical mirror of the water that surrounds it... infinite games of light.
Stunning  Iceland  ….a photography journey with fascinating photo workshops in this extraordinary land that with surprising force overwhelms the travellers able to respect the delicate balances that regulate the alternation of events. Geysers, pools of boiling mud, volcanoes covered with ice and glaciers that make their way through imposing rock walls, fjords, the wide beaches inhabited by noisy colonies of birds... the wonders of this Nordic land seem endless, this photo tour will guide you to discover unmissable destinations, which will give us spectacular images.

Located  on the Mid-Atlantic ridge,  Iceland  has marked volcanic and geothermal activity that strongly characterizes the landscape. The Icelandic territory is mostly mountainous, with reliefs that run from west to east and reach at least two thousand meters only in wo cases, in the Hvannadalshnjúkur, The highest point in the country and in Bárðarbunga. One of the main features of  Iceland  is the presence of many volcanoes, of which over thirty are active. This island is rich in fresh water, resent both in liquid and solid form, the Vatnajökull Glacier is the second largest in Europe; the three major natural lakes are the Vingvallavatn , the Lögurinn and the Mývatn . The longest rivers have a total course of around two undred kilometers, Þjórsá , Jökulsá á Fjöllum and Ölfusá / Hvítá are also those with the largest river basin; sometimes on the occasion of volcanic eruptions near the glaciers they can have devastating floods, with consequent serious amages on human infrastructures. The Icelandic coasts are rugged and rocky towards the north, while in the south they leave space for low and sandy coasts, the overall development is 6,088 kilometers, in many places the sea re-enters the island with fjords that  owever do not reach the grandeur of the Norwegian ones . Almost the entire surface of Iceland is given by the main island , the other islands that surround it are considerably less extensive, Heimaey, Hrísey á Eyjafirði, Hjörsey í  Axaflóa and Grímsey the largest one. Inside we will find mainly a sandy desert plateau, mountains and glaciers, from which many glacial rivers begin their run towards the sea crossing the plains.
Immerse yourself into the purest nature where heaven and earth are so close that they seem ready to embrace.
We will spend whole days trying not to miss any opportunity to photograph all the incredible views that follow one another without stopping before our eyes. The sunset seems to never end streaking the sky with pink, purple and orange ... And what about the night?!...... when the real show begins, when the sky comes to life and speaks to us, with its arches of light that appear and disappear in a whirlwind of shapes and shades ...that fill the horizon like the colors on a painter's canvas ... from yellow to pink, to green to lilac, to purple that fades into blue ...
It's difficult to describe in words the exciting northern lights ... the incomparable discovery of Icelandic nature. A kaleidoscope of colors that will fascinate your adventurous spirit giving you a succession of waterfalls, lakes, parks and exciting crossings of the ice desert ... an enchanted place where "Nature speaks to you with the voice of silence".

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photo tour
Nicknamed Liquid Waterfall, one step from the Ring Road, we can admire this magnificent waterfall that boasts over 65 meters high, located in an incomparable landscape. This pearl will offer us the unique opportunity to shoot mesmerizing pictures from multiple points of view including its interior, thanks to a path that passes behind its water curtain.
Seljalandsfoss waterfall, part of the river Seljalands, is a supremely graceful waterfall located in the South Coast of Iceland. It Is glacial water and originates in Eyjafjallaiökull glacier that became famous in 2010 when the volcano erupted causing all air traffic in  Europe to completely shut down for few days. Cascade of the falls is relatively narrow but falls from a tall cliff that once marked the country’s coastline, the sea is visible from the top.
Located to the north is one of the most spectacular waterfalls, 12  meters jump to a width of 30. Legend has it that in ancient times in the three main jets were represented Odin, Thor and Freyr, the sacred triad. It’s an imposing, spectacular amphitheater of water that offers unique and breathtaking views.
In the south of Iceland on the border of the plateau, in a very isolated place, this waterfall, which is the third highest, awaits our photography tour in all its majestic splendour. It is 128 meters high located in the Fossá River, a tributary of spring water of the longest glacial river in Iceland.
Öxarárfoss is a waterfall along the Öxará River in Iceland’s Þingvellir National Park. About 20 meters high, it falls on the cliffs of the Almannagjà Gorge, on the eastern border with the North American and Eurasian plates.
It is one of the major attractions of the Þingvellir Park, which is one of the three most important sites of the Famous   Golden Circle with Gullfoss and the geothermal area of the Geysers.
Dynjandi (“thundering” in Icelandic for the sound of water) is a waterfall located in the region of the Western Fjords and is the symbol of it.
It consists of a series of seven jumps and has a total height of 100 m of altitude gain, with a width of about 30 m at the top of the jump and 60  meters at the base. Nicknamed "The veil of the bride",  for the white foam that cloaks the rock wall of his jump, is considered the most beautiful waterfall of the Western Fjords.
Aldeyjarfoss is a waterfall that throws itself through a narrow passage in a jump of 20 meters, framed by symmetrical black basalt columns of strange shapes that strongly contrast with the white foam of the water that breaks there. This bright contrast makes it one of the most striking photographic gems in Iceland.
The Gullfoss waterfall, one of the most famous in Iceland, is nicknamed the "queen of all Icelandic waterfalls" for the theatricality, beauty and play of light of its double jump. It is part, together with the vingvellir and the nearby geysers of the so-called Golden Circle, that is an imaginary ring that includes all the most visited naturalistic attractions.
Our amazing photographic tour start with Mt. Kirkjufell, the most prominent mountain in Grundarfjörður and the most beautiful on the Sæfellsness peninsula, where we will photograph three waterfalls, all of which have the same name from the river Kirkjufellsa which runs from a volcano called Helgrindur. This beautifull five meter high fall flows in a couple of level and is divided into three separate spouts. As you stand before the fall you’ll see the pyramid-shaped mount Kirkjufell towering above, one of the most scenic and beautiful in Iceland. This combination offer a stunning view and is a good chance for great pictures, the clear and splendid water is greatly complemented by the majestic mount,  is an amazing scene with the natural lighting of the midnight sun
A spectacular view…Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, with its drop of some 62  meters and a width of 25 meters. We are going to have an interesting workshop due to the amount of drizzle the cascade produces, bacause at least a rainbow is present any time the sun emerges from behind the clouds. The waterfall is very flat, allowing visitors to walk on the wall of water. Skógafoss can also be seen from the top as a steep staircase leads to an observational platform above the cascade. We could meet many nesting seabirds on the route up.
Dyrhólaey is the most beautiful and interesting stretch of the coast of south-western Iceland, both for the enormous rainbow of rock that just out into the sea, and for the beauty of the landscape enjoyed from the cliff. It is a very beautiful  and very photogenic landscape point. Very famous is the double Arch of rock that is projected into the sea. We will visit also Reynisdrangar with the immense black beach, dominated by imposing stacks and a very special basalt wall, which at first sight resembles the pipes of an organ. Strolling along the beach you come to a huge cave of volcanic origin.
The Diamond  Beach is a strip of black sand belonging to the greater Breiðamerkursandur glacial plain, located by glacier lag Jökulsárlón lagoon on the South  Coast of Iceland. It is a unique place in the world, made of incredible contrasts…an infinity oh pieces of ice, of every dimension that land on the black sand of the beach, as if they were e pile of Diamonds ..whose shades vary from brilliant white to intense blue to beautiful shades of turquoise.
The black sand stretches for about 18 kilometers along the south coast, particulary from the slopes of the Kvirjáökull glacier to the famous Jökulsárlón lagoon, at the foot of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and is one of the most striking natural spectacles of Iceland
Here the icebergs, thanks to the continuous action of the sea, are smoothed in the most disparate shapes and size, until they became pretty gems and open-air sculptures.
Breiðamerkursandur, glacial plain of Hornafjörður, is a favorite destination for lovers of photography and Wilde nature, a magical place out of time to meet seals and admire the orcas dive into the waves.
The amazing colors of the fragments of ice are perfect to be immortalized from the first light of dawn, in a landscape that is constantly changing , whit glimpses and shots really special and equally fascinating appear under the midnight sun for absolutely unique shots.
The Jökulsárlón lagoon is, among the natural wonders of Iceland, the closest to the definition of Fantastic. At the foot of the Vatnajökull Glacier, it is today one of the most popular glacier in Iceland for good reason.
In this magical place you will find yourself in a surreal dimension, were the senses expand well beyond the physicality. What surrounds us will be pure magic, dream, peace and enjoyment for the inner self  to capture and translate into beautiful images. Floating icebergs in the intense blue waters of the lagoon, where Eider seals and birds feed on Capelin and Herring, which enter the lagoon at high tide. All this is underlined by the quiet crackling life of the  Vatnajökull glacier and the elegant dance of seals and birds.
You will be immersed in a landscape of stillness and pure fantasy, arousing the pure enjoyment of living nature.
Fjallsárlón is a glacial lake at the southern end of the Vatnajökull Glacier. The tongue of the Fjallsjökull, which starts from this Glacier, reaches the lake, then breaks into icebergs that cover its surface.
The show that we can admire is probably even greater than the previous one, cut is much less known and the number of icebergs floating in its waters is significantly higher.
It is a wonderful lake located in the Highlands of Iceland, near the famous mountains of Landmannalaugar and the volcano Hekla. The lake is surrounded by lava flows and the breathtaking fumes of the mountains. Difficult to access due to the danger of the road that reaches it.
An incredible science fiction time loop of bubbles, water jets, light games and fantastic reflections... mesmerizing and unmissable experience for the mantles of photography
It seems that there really is...... ethereal magnificent crystal fortress. It’s the ice cave of the waterfall, guarded in the depths of the Vatnajokull glacier. Its many shades of blue are fascinating and will offer us shots of rare beauty and magic.
This spectacular route of natural geothermal ice offers, within the homonymous glacier, fantastic opportunities, many moments and different points of view for unforgettable shots. Inside you can enjoy a mesmerizing scenery in one of the most breathtaking places in the world. A fantastic blue light predominates. It can be visited during the colder months (from November to March) and accompanied by expert local guides.
GLJUFRABUI or Canyon Dweller
Guarded among the rocks of a gorge we will find a fairytale scenery with a drop of water of 40  meters that seems to flow directly from the sky...
Majestic and solitary splendid Canyon- River , presents itself tortuous by the overhanging walls, about 100 meters deep. It’s an unmissable stop on this photography journey. Difficult to reach due to snow and ice, from mid-spring to mid-autumn it will offer the best and most evocative scenarios to capture photographically.
Named also “the Valley of Tears”, is a charming small canyon in the Icelandic Highlands. It is quite exceptional with its  waterfalls, his blue river, perfect scene for spectacular photoshooting for the magical colours of the vegetation and something fairy-tale in it.
Ljotipollur nicknamed "Ugly Puddle" is located in the nature reserve Fjallabak and is an extraordinary crater of explosive origin that was formed with an eruption in 1477. The walls of the crater are bright red that creates a strong contrast with the blue Persia of the lake inside and the yellow moss chartreuse. Thee view around the spectacular crater is an excellent outline for its intense various colors given by purple lava rocks, the layers of lava visible on the edges of the crater, the vegetation that alternates different shades of green and the wonderful blue water.
Kerið is a volcanic crater lake located in the Grímsnes area in south Iceland near the capital Reykjavik, has an amphitheater shape. It is a must-see stop along the Golden Circle. It is the one that has the caldera still intact. This shallow lake is one of the most evocative and photographed of Iceland thanks to the richness of minerals of the soil, is surrounded by steep cliffs of intense red color softened by soft mosses and other vegetation that together offer a kaleidoscopic range of colors that you can capture and tell in your photo shots.
photography tour
- Beginner, amateur, enthusiast, semi-pro and pro photographers (non-photographers also welcome)
- easy adventure

Professional photographer | guide
Photo workshop & discussions

Arrival Airport:  Reykjavik  (KEF) - Transfer time to the 1° hotel 0.30 h
Departure Airport: Reykjavik  (KEF) - Transfer time from the last point 2.00 h
Our tour begins at 11 AM on the first day and ends at afternoon on the last day , depending on the flights time

A visa may be required depending on your nationality. Go to  for more information.
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